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Partner: Euromaidan Warszawa



Within the framework of the public collection, we will help equip Ukrainian soldiers and National Guard with basic safety measures to protect life and health.

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Due to the ballistic filler (most frequently made of Kevlar), it provides protection against bullets
fired from small arms and grenade shrapnel.
There are 5 classes of body vests (IIA, II, IIIA, III, IV). The higher the class, the more effective protection of the life of the person wearing it is provided. There are several standards which describe ballistic penetration resistance of vests. Class IV vest (according to NIJ standard) corresponds to Class 5 of the German DIN standard or Class B7 of the European CEN standard.
Most frequently needed is vest Class IV; it protects the person against Caliber 7.62 mm armor-piercing bullets as well as bullets of lower velocity, such as cartridges fired from an automatic rifle AK47.


Who we are

The Open Dialog Foundation is a Polish non-governmental organisation in operation since 2009.
We are engaged in the fields of protection of human rights, support for democracy and the institutions of law in post-Soviet countries.
In recent months, we have been focusing particularly on Ukraine.


Since November 2013, the Foundation has been actively involved in the collection of humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian society and organising the first foreign monitoring and support mission for the Euromaidan. Since January 2014, our operations have been financed by thousands of donors through official public fundraising. As of 24 Novemeber 2014 we had managed to raise over 1 003 thousands of PLN.
This money has been used for the direct funding of health services and the Staff of Popular Resistance and Self-Defence of the Maidan, and independent journalists. We have been supplying medicines, medical equipment, protective vests and helmets.


We also funded the purchase of prosthetic hands, eyes, as well as medical procedures and operations for those who were injured during clashes on the Maidan. We help the Tatar refugees from the Crimea and families of hostages held by terrorists. We are currently supporting the soldiers of the Ukrainian armed forces, members of the National Guard and other law enforcement agencies involved in the ongoing anti-terrorist operation, by supplying clothing and means of life protection.


We are engaged in the running of the Ukrainian World centre in Warsaw, which provides legal and psychological assistance to the Maidan militants undergoing rehabilitation, refugees and the Ukrainian community residing in Poland. Ukrainian World is also a centre for the promotion of Ukrainian culture and community initiatives, as well as a venue for Polish-Ukrainian integration.

We would like to bring to your attention the information and presentation summarising our assistance provided to Ukraine. Оther materials summerising our activities can be found at: odfoundation.eu
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Collected* 500 439,53 PLN
Purchased and donated 382 bulletproof vests
Purchased and donated 300 helmets
Purchased and donated 239 items of CELOX
haemostatic agent
Purchased and donated 5 thermographic cameras
Purchased and donated 99 pairs of military boots
Purchased and donated 77 sets of winter uniforms
Purchased and donated 196 goggles and masks
Purchased and donated 6 handheld transceivers (walkie-talkies)
Purchased and donated 3 emergency ambulance
Wysłaliśmy łącznie-en 42 tonnes of aid
Last update: 25.06.2015
* Total amount of the funds raised in support of the Ukrainian security agencies within the framework of the public fund-raising.

Step by step


Compose an official letter with accurate information and contacts for those in need and list of necessities.

Call us, send an e-mail, or fill in the form.


Based on information received, financial capacity, as well as the current level of availailibilty, we shall commence operation.


If you have financial capacity, please make a contribution to the Foundation, remember to include the correct transfer description and indicate a recipient.


Following a delivery, we are obliged as an official organization to obtain confirmation of receipt from end users.

What the law says

We currently hold a permit to organise public collections until 31 December 2015. We have to submit accounts concerning all donations and expenditure to the Ministry. We conduct fundraising according to the new rules which are set out in the Act of 14 March 2014 on the Rules for Public Collections (Journal of Laws /Dz. U./ of 2014, item 498 pdf_ico).

Where money has been collected in public places in donation boxes (cash) and non-cash items collected – since these are public fund raising activities – we have notified the Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation (MAiC) of the collection (www.zbiorki.gov.pl; collection number: 2015/237/OR). As regards electronic collections – namely voluntary payments into a bank account – under the new rules, these are not public collections and do not need to be reported. In this case, since the money flow is registered, transparency and the possibility to track said money are ensured.

Deliveries of helmets and bullet-proof vests, even for humanitarian aid purposes, are strictly regulated under Polish law in line with the applicable EU Directives. The provisions of the Act pdf_ico of z 22 June 2001 on the Pursuance of Business Operations in the Production of, and Trade in, Explosives, Weapons, Ammunition and Technologies for Military or Police Use (Dz. U. of 2012, item 1017, as amended).

As well as the Act pdf_ico of 29 November 2000 on Trade with Foreign Countries in Goods, Technologies and Services of Strategic Importance for State Security and for the Maintenance of International Peace and Security (Dz. U. of 2013, item 194).

Even though they are defensive in their nature and serve the purpose of protecting health and life, bullet-proof vests and helmets are considered to be goods of strategic importance – as are machine guns, tanks and nuclear arms. Their purchase and delivery, even for the purposes of protecting civilians, require the applicable licences and permits. No licence is required for vests or helmets held for personal use.

In view of the foregoing, the Foundation was granted by the Minister of Internal Affairs, a licence pdf_ico to engage in business operations as regards so-called domestic transfers.

Before the licence was granted, the Foundation had to meet a number of requirements set out in the aforementioned Act (including training of our staff, medical and psychological tests, as well as obtaining positive references from the Minister of Economy, Head of the Internal Security Agency, Head of the Military Counterintelligence Service and Commander of the Capital City Police). The Foundation also applied to the Minister of Economy (cross-border transfers) for a permit to undertake aid activities for Ukraine.

At present, we are being assisted by our partners who have the required permits. We buy and deliver equipment having no combat characteristics. This is usually fully functional equipment but not defined under the law as requiring a licence.

Please help

Ukrainian soldiers and guardsmen are short of almost everything. Every day we receive applications from individual army troops, territorial defence forces, the National Guard, Border Services, as well as from mothers and sisters seeking help for their sons and brothers. The needs always outweigh our financial capacity.

You may use PayPal to make a transfer to the account opened especially for this purpose. Please enter “Body armour” in the transfer description field. If you wish to help specific military troops or personnel, you should also list them in this field.


IBAN: PL 56 2490 0005 0000 4600 5911 3255

Alior Bank S.A.
ul. Lopuszanska 38d
02-232 Warszawa

Fundacja Otwarty Dialog
Al. J. Ch. Szucha 11a/21
00-580 Warszawa
In case of transfer from Polish bank accounts the account number will be sufficient: 56 2490 0005 0000 4600 5911 3255

Online transfer

You can make an online payment via PayPal.

Make an application

Form closed



Aid Coordinator:
Marian Prysiazhniuk
T: +38 096 950 9122
T: +38 063 680 1932
[email protected]

Contact for Mass Media:
Tomasz Czuwara
Head of Press Office
T: +48 534 670 800
[email protected]

Open Dialog Foundation
al. J. Ch. Szucha 11a/21
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